Wednesday, December 12, 2012

素肌?bare skin?

huge dolly eyes and pastel nudy lips are the biggest and forever trend in makeup now...
so... what kind of complexion makeup will match with these elements? 
how to look natural? 
for sure it's gonna be perfect if it just looks like bare perfect skin!!!

the latest Canmake rosy compact...
delighted with a sweet rosy scent... super natural ingredients... 
not necessarily need of makeup removal... rinse off with just water... 

日本Chasty乾濕粉掃,可以用此上濕粉、乾粉或BB Cream...一支多用法...用完可令妝容更貼5倍...它的超微細刷毛有效令化妝至難塗位置(如鼻翼..有紋毛孔位置...多毛髮的面更合適使用)..因每根毛的尖端都會呈尖幼..所以完成的妝容超有光澤..價錢是市面上同樣的產品三份之一...所以是很多化妝師的包包裡必有.... 
and with this japanese Chasty wat and dry foundation brush, you can definitely apply liquid foundation, powder or even BB cream with this.. it helps the makeup to stay so much better with its very fine hair which can easily fits in any parts of your face. 
show extra radiance and smoothness with this brush...
and it's cheap comparative to other professional ones... a must-have for makeup artists too!!! 

還有超粉嫰的夢幻胭脂膏CL02號色,名字也非常浪漫... 叫clear love song pink :)
and here comes this dreaming cream blush... it has a very romantic name too.. "clear love song pink" :)
never be scared of using creams, it's super easy and it just feels like real natural blushed! 
don't miss it for your bare perfect skin look!!! 

i am using Blessed Natural Foundation 01 & Cream Cheek CL02 *o*

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