Friday, October 17, 2014

weekend getaway

look 1 in pics 1&4. Juicy Couture tank top / EQ:IQ full skirt / Roger Vivier flats / Furla bag
look 2 in pic 2&3. Ba&sh top / Juicy Couture skirt, necklace and bracelet / Furla bag 

thanks God it's friday! (although it doesn't make much difference when i still have loads of work and shooting and editing to work on...) still, weekend is coming up, no more crazy morning waking up, no more tiring workshops and annoying schedule, i wonder, how will i ever spend my weekend if i don't have so much work to complete before deadlines??? i came across an article link on facebook sharing the "48 signs you've hit your late 20s, are completely ancient and love it". well, maybe. there are some points i would like to highlight. so, here you go.

3. You voluntarily stay in on Friday nights in order to be productive the next day
well yes, for tonight, a friday night, i am going to an event for Versace shop grand opening, then to dinner with mr. tony and back home to pack and prepare for the shooting tomorrow. 

12. If you’re a female, you’ve started buying shoes based on practicality, not heel height
i have been buying ballerina since last summer. i started with those comfy and reasonable pricing ones from maud frizon, and now moving a little bit onto roger vivier...i never think of buying expensive flats ever, but now what...

21. You can’t sleep later than 10 am on the weekends
this is not accurate on me at all! i can sleep from 1am till 1pm the next day. just this doesn't seem so right. all i need is my beauty sleep. haha*

25. You’ve stopped making excuses not to go out, you just, well, don’t
um... let me put it this way. i really seldom find friends. they date me, then i'll mark it on my calendar and make sure i remember and i'll go. if not that, i'll just follow my schedule day by day, week by week... with all the busy stuff from work, from varrie, from carriebloomwood... 

48. You read posts like this to reinforce the fact you are not alone in your quest into adulthood
and yes, i started to read stuff like these on facebook. whenever my friends or people i followed shared something like so, i will read it. honestly i am not a reading person at all, but now i started reading articles at the end of magazines where they wrote about relationships and sex and health...

yea... so i am hitting my late 20s and i love it. i am less dressy when it's weekend, (or when weekdays when i don't have to attend anything...) wearing something comfy becomes the way i style for work. i used to walk all day in heels, and i find that i can't now. i start to wear tops which are slightly looser, bigger, and simpler, with just a statement and it's good enough for everything. i am still always a skirt/ dress person, and i love colors and patterns. ballerina and flats become my good friends. i am so excited when i can still find this lovely pair of pink roger vivier online when it's already off season from last summer. see, i remember i told myself i won't get roger vivier till i turn 30. it's somehow a little more mature and elegant but pink is still okay for now (a year before 30... omg*) will see when i will get the miss V. maybe when i turn 31, 32, or 35? god knows.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Hong Kong is such a beautiful city.

look 1 in pics 1,2&5. PORTS 1961 fw14 floral dress / Valentino boots
look 2 in pic 3. Max&co. fw14 floral coat
look 3 in pic 4. PORTS 1961 fw14 embellished shirt and floral skirt / Joy&Peace boots

i am a 100% hongkongese. (people always wonder i have been studying aboard or was born somewhere else... i've only been to LA for 7 months for my makeup studies and that's it.) i love traveling. i haven't been to too many places, but at least to los angeles, new york, sydney, beijing, shanghai, wuhan, tokyo, kyoto, hoihaido, osaka, bangkok, phuket, phataya, taipei, seoul and that's all. i've never imagine myself moving out of hong kong as i guess this is the city i wanna spend all my life living in. honestly new york is not bad, my sister's family lives there and i once spent a christmas there and it was wonderful. and shanghai is good too despite the terribly hot weather in summer. (i haven't been to europe yet, i can't swear till i go there and feel. planning to go next summer, *u* will see!) 

if you have followed the hong kong news lately, you will find people are occupying central, admiralty, causeway bay and mongkok since late september. it has been almost a week now. i am not very much into this as i am unsure and unclear of what's exactly it's going to happen and what can be done for better sake. all i concern is how the government will solve all these and let all hopeful and powerful hongkongese satisfy and get back into their normal lives. it's terrifying whenever i heard the news saying they got attacked or the police force is planning on some violence actions or whatsoever. mum is always right when she signed why not they think about their parents who are worrying about them at home, yet the chief executive really sucks when he never responses to them. it's a difficult moment. these pictures are shoot in early september. it's nothing for these revolutionary actions occurring lately, i was just too busy and kept forgetting to write. yet, feeling like such a coincidence now to look back at them. hong kong is such a beautiful city. i never imagine these revolution will ever happen. may god bless all people to be safe at least. no more bleedings or injuries, no more bombs or fights, and no more crazy argues please. 

these amazing pictures are taken on the ifc mall podium in central. love the way how maurice captured the colorful light boxes and those gigantic buildings. i am wearing something more dressy than formal working outfits, just to be a little more beautiful for the seductive wonderful hong kong. 

Saturday, October 04, 2014

i don't quite like black, do i?

look 1. Le 16 Aout black dress and crystal bow headband / Alice and Oliver heels
look 2. Le 16 Aout black sheer dress / Max&co. satin maxi dress and bangle / Joy&Peace boots

how do you like black dresses? honestly i am never a "black" kind of person. you can surely tell i am always in pinks, whites, creamy colors... anyway, somehow black for sure is one of the must-have in your wardrobe no matter how dislike you do on black. to sooth the so-called discomfort and unwillingness when you have to do black, i have some little ideas for you.

1. play on details
the two black ones here are both from le16aout, i love the fact that they are sheer and sexy without being too naked. i always like translucent ones, they always make me feel less black! haha* this is a parisian brand, i like it as the designs are simple and feminine. they are so well in applying different fabrics onto simple cuttings. the dresses are just timeless and they are good to have in every french-addict girls' wardrobe.

2. be fancy accessorized
you can surely invest on black dresses as they are always timeless and will never go wrong when you have no idea on what to wear to a formal meeting or a fancy gathering. throw some loud and fancy accessories over and your black dress will instantly become a brand new one. trust me, no one ever pays too much attention on what a simple classy black dress you are wearing (unless it's a very sexy one). do some pretty and signature accessories to add on details to your look, have a nice hair-do and put on some bright lipstick, that's your amazing look of the day in the same black dress you always have. 

3. color yourself
last tip, but not least, color yourself. i am in love with my lime crime lipsticks lately as they are super intense and long lasting. i love my #centrifuchsia the most, it's something similar to the YSL rouge pur #19, but the lime crime one is just slightly brighter and sticks on a lot better. if you feel a bright lip makeup is not so enough, do some color on your hair. i believe not many of you can dye your hair like mine, then do loreal color chalk. it offers instant colors and it's totally washable. try it! it's always fancier and happier to have some colors on your hair no matter what style you are doing. 

that's the 3 little tips (or excuses) i offer myself every time i do black. i know it's boring when you don't quite like it. but somehow black makes you a little more professional, a bit more elegant and slightly more mature. hope you enjoy reading my blog and the next one will be up soon. *3* love xoxo.

my suggestions... 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


look 1Le 16 Aout black dress and crystal bow headband / Steve Madden heels
look 2. Max&co. dress, necklace and headband / Steve Madden boots

i am so excited to share the fact that, Stephy, a best girlfriend of mine will be getting married in december and i'll be her maid of honor! it will be the second time in my life, the first time for my sister and this time for her. being a maid of honor or bridesmaid has to be very responsible and clear about the whole rundown and everything of cos. before sharing all these tips with you, i would wanna share some preparation tips for bridesmaid-to-be. i bet there are millions of articles sharing tips for brides, but never one for bridesmaid. so here you go... some beauty and dressing tips for bridesmaids. 

1. beauty sleep
of cos you have to have more than enough rest and sleep the day before to keep yourself awake and in the best and most positive mood for her big day. don't ever depend on coffee. as it will keep you awake but dehydrate your skin... and your makeup will go ugly. trust me! but of cos if you are a coffee-addict, it won't affect anything as you are very much used to it!

2. natural earth tone makeup
never go too heavy in your makeup. you will only need a little, don't over-do and draw too much attention. yet, keep your makeup nice and clean, look photogenic is all you'll need. i'll suggest some earthy brown eye shadows, with a very soft nude peachy blush. whereas for the lips, it's open for the bride's selection who chooses the theme and the look of your dress.

3. a powerful foundation
i bet you won't have too much time for touching up your makeup while you will have to take care of the flowers, the banquet, the bride, the bride groom, the parents, the relatives... so wearing a powerful foundation or makeup base is essential for your bridesmaid look. i recommend shu uemura light bulb foundation which i am using lately. it stays on well, covers well and lasts long. that's good enough as a good foundation. and for powder, i switch around from chanel to bareMinerals to annasui. if you prefer a matte look, or if you tend to have more shine, chanel is sheer where annasui's got a slightly higher coverage. and if you can go for a more dewy finish, bareMinerals mineral veil will be your best choice.  

4. comfy shoes
if you are a heels-addict and you can run and jump and dance on heels, definitely wearing heels is better. but if you can't, ballerinas and flats will be your best friend on her big day. i'm still looking for a pair of good-looking ones, will keep you all updated when i find them. haha* (if you tend to think your legs are not sexy looking when you are in flats, go for a maxi dress which will save you can looking ugly or fat in pictures, trust me!)

5. minimum accessories
although you will be looking pretty on her day also, you are actually one of the organizers, or helpers i would say in the wedding. dress in something you are easy to go around, wear minimum accessories will save you from being careless. i mean, not to over-do, not to loose any of them while the party goes too hyper and not to draw too much attention. again, you are not the one that night, just be looking "ok" nice and be happy and it's totally good enough. *u*

we just confirmed to wear something in nude or cream colors for all bridesmaids on her big day. and most likely, i'll be designing the dresses for all the girls. yea~* i'll surely share more when her big day is closer and you'll get to see how all lovely bridesmaids will be. see ya *3*

my little wish list... 
(from top left) shu uemura lightbulb foundation / Chanel natural finish loose powder /