Wednesday, February 11, 2015

my valentine's valentine

look 1 of Twee in pic 1&2. Jessica sparkling knitted dress / Furla candy bag / Tabio socks / 
Steve Madden heels / Folli Follie rings
Carven heels / Folli Follie rings / Valentino rockstud bracelets
look 3 of Twee in pic 5. SportMAX code dress / Folli Follie necklace and rings / Alice and Olivia heels
look 4 of me in pic 6. Max&co. fur coat / SportMAX code dress / D'squared heels 

i never want to put this posts to be a valentines' day feature or styling guide, but it happened to be lined up and now... it's almost valentines' day. (surely it's totally fine if you read this after, exactly no prob*) it doesn't need to be valentines' day or any other festivals when you have the need to be dressed up and be girlie and romantic. but if you are more of a cool and chic and stylish person, be feminine for 1 or 2 days in a year for your valentine please... *3*

coming to this second sharing on me and twee, i would say i love her more in pastels than in blacks. haha* (she must wanna kill me when she sees this.) yea.. i think she's totally fine and cute and can be sweet in pastels. to show off her sexy long legs, i grabbed her an over-sized embellished knit from jessica to go with her turquoise blue heels. she's always in her big bag carrying the gigantic camera, so i would like to put her in a small little bag like this from furla. i think she rocks the look, carrying it very well in a girlie romantic way, which.. it's still her, the sunshine aussie girl. and for me, to narrow down a little the cute fancy dresses, i have a sweater from microwave and this peplum skirt from jessica as well. i think these 2 looks are always good for any dates, no matter girlfriends' or boyfriend's, and even for everyday.

whereas for the other one in blue, i somehow find blue appeared in most of the wardrobes this fall, so it maybe a good idea to be dressy in blue for valentines' day. twee is super feminine in this picture. haha* a long necklace can always carry out the figure of her healthy sexy body. and on me, i am super scared of cold in these days... so a faux fur coat will be perfect for me. and with that, you can still stay confident and pretty in a sleeveless dress or a sexy one. so this is all we have for our very first collaboration. i am very happy with it. a million thanks to twee to be my barbie, to maurice for the amazing pics and to the 2 men, kenze and tony, to stay out late in the cold night, boring and waiting for us to have all these done. so... stay tuned, as part 2 will be coming soon. *u*

Thursday, February 05, 2015

ezzentric her&me !

Twee is wearing Max&co. coat / Varrie dressFurla candy bag / Tabio socks / 
Steve Madden heels / Folli Follie rings
I'm wearing John Galliano top / MAJE skirt / Philipp Plein accessories /  Alice and Olivia heels

Feb is fab! wooooooH! coming to the second month of 2015, time really flies. i am still wishing spring to come sooner as i really can't stand much coldness in winter. kicking off with this fabulous series of pictures with my dear girlfriend, ezzentricTwee, that's the very first fashion blogger collaboration i've done (this serious) so far. thanks to the patience and powerful photographer, Maurice, we were amazed on the way how he captured us, the two very different girls sharing different personalities in one picture. that's the first chapter, so i did all the line up with brands and clothes and i styled both of us. and funny Twee keeps saying, "do i look carrie?"

twee is always healthy, organic, sporty, cheerful, happy, positive... and warm to me, lucky me to know her from blogging. she can always wear so little and claim it's so hot outside while i was wearing a coat and some knitwear inside. i admire her chic and street wear style, those sexy crop tops and hot pants and strapless skinny dresses... i can never carry those as i am kinda "allergic" to sportswear... haha* it was my idea to do this shooting with her as we both find it a little boring to shoot every 1 or 2 weeks, on ourselves only, and post, and seems not very special when it comes to season end. so each of us takes turns to host a shooting, for this one here, she's my model. so she will be dressed up by me, and eventually, a total different twee appeared.

we have quite different skin tone, twee is a little more sun tanned, so i think red will be a more matchy color for both of us. (you will see the other colors in the next post, don't expect to see pink! haha... there's no pink!) to make her more out-stand when standing next to the colorful-hair-me, i made her in the Max&co. coat and her favorite varrie pattern dress. i think it went well with her look and can help expressing more of her femininity as well. and on me, to make me a little cooler and stronger, i got myself a black shimmery top with the glossy leather skirt. we both love the little layered rings from folli follie, they can just go well with any looks. these 2 outfits are good for girlfriends' or boyfriend's date of course, and it's actually almost my everyday look with the set on twee. *u* hope you'll enjoy reading our first collaboration post and stay tuned for the next one, it's a little fancier. see ya~*

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

missing my colorful hair?

i made my hair back to normal color.. like a usual ashy brown. this is probably the last shot i did before going back to normal. oh.. i kinda miss it now. but whenever i think of the times when they fade out super fast, or when bleaching making my hair super fragile and dry, i will hate it. so anyway... as long as i have it back to a normal shade, i still need extra care to maintain it's silkiness and shine to look like normal healthy hair. friends often ask me on how to keep my super damaged hair looking so "healthy". (as you can tell they are expecting them to look super damaged and matte and ugly...) see below for the several hair products i cannot live without. i just can't stop ever since i used them. they maybe my hair care secret, or they only work on me, but why not give it a try if you are looking for something new.   

ok.. they said this is when we take our blowouts seriously. what i like about this hair dryer from amika is that, the dryer itself is light-weight, yet powerful enough to do my blowout in less than 10... or maybe just 5 minutes. i cannot explain the mechanism of the dryer, but i can definitely tell you it did make a difference from those normal, general dryer. hair feels softer, healthier and with less static. with hair dry like mine, can surely tell the difference. trust me!   

i am still using general vidal sassoon shampoo, which feels pretty good, not bad, at least it's ok for my hair. but i am always looking for hair masks or good conditioner to pamper my hair. i get this from tokyo, loretta, sorry you won't be able to get it in hong kong as it's not launching here yet. but i have to say, if you are ever going to tokyo, get one and try it. firstly, the packaging is amazing. all their products are wondering. i have their rose water as well, which i shared in my makeup tutorial videos earlier, it's good, effective and in a pretty packaging. how nice! second, as a conditioner, it smells good, feels good and leaves a very comfy sensation to my hair. you will know if you have dry hair, sometimes your hair just feels dead, like dead dead, when your comb, or brush, can't really get through your hair, and getting stuck and feeling like stinky and kinda like pulling, those are what the bad conditioners do. leaving a fake hydrating touch, i would say it's more like sticky... anyway, this is one of the best buy and must have for me every time when going to tokyo. go look for it and i'm sure you will love it too. 

yes, it's amika again. thanks to ankie who always send me amika products to pamper my terrible hair. this is the treatment oil i got from her in the lovely christmas box set. i've tried a couple treatment oils before, from loreal, from some small brands making morocca oil, and from aveda as well (i shared this earlier), i would say this is not the best best, but for sure one of the friendly and good ones. it smells so good, feels very light weight and most importantly, for hair dry like mine, it does miracle. so if you are bored with those i just mentioned, get one from amika. pretty like theirs can be a lovely deco in your bathroom as well. how pretty~* 

last but not least, i know it's a little weird to just put the logo here, but i would like to predict with you, ghd is launching some powerful hairstyling tools in march very soon. i am happy to receive one of the new comers in the event i went to earlier this week. feeling ashamed that i've never tried their hair tools before, i fell in love with the combs and brushes and the styling tools instantly. this is my selfie with hair done by renowned hair stylist jamie scott using ghd. so wait and see. i will try to do a video maybe. will show you guys the new styling tool, to see how powerful and amazing it can be.