Tuesday, April 21, 2015

twee and me

on me. Monki jumper and cap / Ezzentric Topz tutu skirt / Converse X Missoni sneakers
on Twee. American Apparel beanie and playsuit / Monki coat / Converse X Missoni sneakers

so, this is twee's turn to style "us". we did 3 styles, to start with, lemme share with you the most carrie-looking one. *3* i still have purple hair back then. do you miss it? 

this was taken not very long ago, i guess in jan or last dec... haha. i remember it was still quite cold out there but we tend to do a more spring look kind of style. twee prepared a lot on referencing to see how she will transform me to more "twee". and yes, i never dress up like so, and never do these poses either. haha* the way twee dress up and style is more chic and smart casual, she can always do so well on a pair of hot pants or a tiny crop top. i myself like something with more details, maybe on colors or cutting, and of course a lot more feminine. i find it a little funny to see myself styling like so, honestly, i don't even have a pair of converse at home. >.< can't wait to show you more! stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

little 2 ways

look 1 on pic 1. Max&co. dress / Valentino rockstud bracelets / Cameo skirt
look 2 on pic 2. Max&co. dress / Valentino rockstud clutch and kitten heels / fabccessories earrings

the best thing about a shirt dress is the friendliness on how it can perfectly match with (and tuck into) any of your skinny or full skirts to create a different look for everyday. i've tried to squeeze more time in the week for all my work and jobs, but somehow... it's been another crazy week again. (gosh* i feel so bad every time to postpone all friends' dinner dates.) well, working hard is the best in my age now i guess. this is a lovely baby blue shirt dress from max&co. i like it somehow fits perfect and have a soft touch of school girl look. i am always a pink girl, so to put a biker pink skirt together makes it softer and more girlie as well. do you like these looks of mine?

2 more weeks to go for april, and this semester will end very soon. please, time flies please... it's an exhausting semester and once it's ended, i am sure i will have more time to write, to share and to blogggggggggg! stay tuned. :) see you*

Friday, April 10, 2015

what do the red lips say?

Max&co. demin jacket and skirt / Fleamadonna lace shirt / 
Roger Vivier flats / Valentino red rockstud bracelet

kinda get addicted to bright lip color when doing a shooting for my blog now. the lip color somehow tells a mood or an emotion where i am experiencing and have during the time. do i look different in this set of photos? yes! i did my eye makeup in a much much lighter way and do a pop of shocking color on my lips. i show a couple of my girlfriends before posting as i kinda look weird to myself like this, but their response is always nice... they said i kinda look korean here. haha *x* what do you think? 

MAC lipstick: M.A.C red / liner: follow your heart 

thanks to MAC for the best lipsticks and liners ever. from the 4 pairs of lipsticks and liners i received <check here for my review on facebook> , this is the one i am using in this set. love the very true red, the red which is purely perfect for all skin, and it also brights up my yellow-undertone complexion. i always love being fair. a simple makeup with this flawless red will do the best choice for an easy and glamourous makeup. if you hesitate in doing red before, it's time to try out one! enjoy makeup and being pretty, have fun! *3*

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

what's next?

Fleamadonna lace shirt and patterned dress / Roger Vivier belt /
Valentino rockstud pastel kitten heels

hi there, this is the last-minute-pop-up-idea girl, carrie. the crazy March has finally gone by peacefully. i can't really tell how much time i have spent with my photographer, maurice, but i am sure it's the most in the past few years. we did a couple shootings for the blog, a shooting for my skincare brand, and he shoot my event as well. there's still some coming up, still, it's less busy and less tight schedule as it was last month. something comes up in my mind in this easter holiday, will see if i can (or will) really make it happen. what's next? i'm excited.

the happiest thing happened in early april was the launching event for varrie ss15 collection and the loveliest misstarfresh air fresher. i would like to thank you all again for your support and love to my brands and products. getting misstarfresh wasn't a very long and excited story. it all started from instagram. i wonder if you will remember i used to love a thai designer brand, wila, that's how i started paying attention to thai fashion, and to be exact, asia's blogging and fashion. i find some very popular bloggers on instagram, super popular that their followers are like... a lot a lot. and i don't really remember, but it somehow got me looking at some thai actresses. and there i found davika, a super beautiful thai actress who got her own products under the name of misstar. that's how it started. i am happy that whoever know i got misstar in my company, they say it's "so you". thank you. misstar is really a very adorable and cute character by davika. i do wish i can be as pretty as she does. *u*

i brought this product to hong kong not only because i think there's room for business, it's also some kind of lifestyle and wellness i wanna share with hong kong girls. i am super sensitive on smell. i hate people who got bad breath or any unpleasant smell. i know sometimes it's not from the body itself, the weird smell maybe coming from the clothes or the bag or anything. so if you're not a perfume-user type of person, use an air fresher. (it sounds like an adv now. haha) well i mean... i hang a cotton candy one at the back of the door in my bedroom, and it feels sweet and refreshing every time i go in and out my room. it's just a little something i wanna share with you girls and hope you'll love it too. if you've missed the launch event last week, check out the pics from facebook below. hope to see you next time in my events in the coming future. see you 'u<

thanks to all Varrie's friends and fans for all the support and love. special credits to Amelie Street as our...
Posted by Varrie on Friday, April 3, 2015