Wednesday, March 25, 2015

year of the goat

look 1. chictopia dress / fabccessories earrings / uniqlo socks / roger vivier heels
look 2.  reinbrand dress / chanel necklace / uniqlo socks / roger vivier heels

ever since i am back to hong kong from the very happy chinese new year trip to london, i seem haven't have stopped at all. first to start with organizing all my products for varrie and luxelab, as it's right after my trip, hoilday's over, clients and retailers are ordering and it gets really busy when the market starts all over again. then follow with some launches and events as SS15 is now finally there. and i have met a few of my friends for updating what i've been doing and planning after... and now it's approaching the last week of march, when 2 more shootings and a few must-go events are coming up, a wedding this saturday and finally my launch event for varrie SS15 and misstar as well in early april. gosh! a busy and fruitful year of the goat is happening now!

this is a shooting we did before i went to london when the weather feels a little warmer and i am so tempted to start wearing my spring summer wardrobe. the first black dress is an on sale item from chictopia at lane crawford. i found it online and i fall in love with the bow in the front on the chest (although it seemed not obvious in the picture). honestly, i am really not that type of girl who goes shopping "physically" always, but i do online shopping a lot. i just click through those i got subscribed. and if i find something amazing, i may visit the shop or order it online right away. that's the way i invest in my wardrobe. this lovely black dress goes down to 50%off as i remembered, and they offer 20%off plus when purchasing 3 items in store. so i went to lane crawford that late afternoon and got it. although i have totally no idea when i gonna wear it, as it's quite dressy and in black. yet, surely there will be a time i'll need it. *u* i think it's always good to invest on something that you can wear them anytime in a year. a little black dress is always good. 

whereas for the second printed dress, omg* me and maurice, my photographer, just loved it. this is a another brand collection by the designer of wila in bangkok. it's named reinbrand. they do similar styles with wila but in a more unisex and casual way. they have thess prints in both mens' and womenswear. i loved it so much as it fitted perfect to my size and with the 60s' touch on the cutting, i feel like wearing a miu miu type of dress. although i have been so busy since early march, i have still made time for some outfit shootings and write on some skincare and makeup sharing on my facebook and instagram. so stay tuned to see more interesting pics and content coming soon. *u* see you.

Friday, March 20, 2015

my fair body

Fleamadonna fur top / Valentino rockstuds bracelets and heels / Uniqlo socks

dear girls, summer will be there by any minute when the humid and warm spring time has finally arrived. so to be ready to show off your beautiful fair skin tone when wearing less, let's pamper ourselves with some really nice facial and body treatments to feel pretty and to show off happily and care freely. i got invited to experience a facial treatment at the mulan spa, a facial spa salon which i always wanted to go, and to sau san tong for a body treatment which helps brightening my whole body in just minutes with the help of the PURA machine. so let's go with me this way to be beautiful. *u*

Mu-lan Spa

this is me after experiencing the sanvita anti-oxidant facial & hand treatment. it was actually my second time there. the first time it was there for the loreal press event, i got invited to experience the loreal products with the facial massage by the mu-lan therapist. and omg* i would say the massage are just one of the best ones i've ever experienced. they are really professional and well-trained. you can totally feel their skills and effort in helping your skin to be more beautiful. haha* trust me! i know this sounds a little crazy. i went to facials since i was quite young, and i am sure i am those who are picky in choosing spas or brands when it comes to facial treatments. i never go to those unknown ones as it's a little risky when you are not familiar with the products they are using or how they will do it. i feel secure and comfy at mu-lan as their therapist will explain clearly to you what they are going to do and use, how it's gonna make your skin enhanced and glow from inside out. this facial treatment mainly helps to anti-oxidize your skin so to improve fairness and radiance. see how glowing my face is after the facial. it's not greasy or oily or anything sticky, it's with the help of the treatment which did improve my skin instantly. i highly recommend this if you are a luxury beauty product user and longing for some instant and obvious results. trust me! it's so good!

Sau San Tong

this one here is super good for lazy girls, haha* just like me. this is the PURA skin whitening treatment. in just 4 minutes, you are all sprayed in precious and highly effective whitening and hydrating serum over your body. thanks to sau san tong to offer me this magical treatment. i went to them 4 times in within 2 weeks. it is highly recommended to visit them at least twice a week for an instant whitening result on your body. so how does this work? to start with, my lovely beauty therapist will do a full body scrub on me. she wears some kind of a deep cleansing glove, hygienic and warm in touch, i will just have to lie down on the bed and let her scrub me all over. then she will carefully remove  my makeup just like how a facial treatment gets started. to help skin to absorb and serum to penetrate better, we will do a mild peeling on the face before going into the PURA machine. so when i am all cleaned up and ready, it's time to step into the PURA machine. it somehow feels like a spaceship or something. it's funny.

there are some spraying points coming down the top part of the machine and it will spray you with either whitening or hydrating serums. normally starting with the whitening one, it comes down from the top and goes back up, then the machine will notice you when you will have to turn around and let it spray your back again. after spraying the serums, it will blowdry you warm as well. it feels a little chilling of course when it sprays out the serum, but it feels okay so far. the whole spraying process will only take you around 4 minutes, super fast and effective in whitening your full body evenly and effectively. i've tried this for 4 times now, my body feels a lot more silky and smooth very obviously especially when i was in london. so it's pretty good for winter time as well as it not only brightens, but also enhance the smoothness of skin. i will highly recommend this to those who would like to show off your bright and fair skin than getting tanned in summer. it will work on those who wants to go back to fair skin than tanned as well. so be ready for summer... time flies, it will be there very soon! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

let it spring

look 1SportMAX floral top and skirt / Chanel necklace / FABccessories rings

after all those cold and winter-y sharing from me in london, yes, spring is finally around us. to keep our looks fresh and clean and nice for this lovely (yet terrible and humid) season of the year, here's some tips from my skincare routine for the moment. most skin gets sensitive and have break outs when season changes, as the air is a lot more humid, those terrible air pollution problems made the air so dirty which may easily falls tiny little scary particles onto our skin and block our pores and also damage our skin with the weird sunlight. to stay fair and bright when wearing bright shades and pastel prints, see what i'm using day and night in march.  

(from left) Orlane vitality radiance micellar cleansing water / 
Philosophy renewed hope in a jar revitalizing creamy foam cleanser / 
Loreal revitalift laser x3 new skin anti-aging power water

to start with, no matter i have had makeup on or not, i will still cleanse my face with a cleansing water before using any kind of cleansing forms or creams at night. this is just to make sure i get rid of all the makeup and colors i have put on my face. this one here from orlane is definitely highly recommended especially for now, it's effective, it's hydrating and also leaves a very comfy touch on my skin. then i will do the cleansing form by philosophy after, (i simply start with this in the morning) this is a renewed one for asian. i like it as the form is rich and yet it's totally not tight or dehydrating at all. it;s refreshing and lightweight. good for everyday, both morning and at night. after all these cleansing, i will use the loreal revitalift toner. honestly, this is just as good as any other types of expensive ones. it comes in a rich and thick liquid texture, it blends easy on skin and leaves extra hydration and also firms pores and skin as well. 

(from left) Premier supreme skin minerals eye infusion/ 
Philosophy time in a bottle for eyes daily age-defying eye serum

eye care follows next. i have been using this premier eye serum for so long now. it just can last forever, haha* trust me. it comes in a silicone-like texture, feels super silky and smooth when applying on the eye area. it helps soothing fine lines as well as lifting up the tired eye area. never think it will be too early to start anti-aging around your eye area, do it before anything happens, once a line is there, it's there. so to move on to the next one is very important too. i then use the other eye serum by philosophy as well. this is more like a lotion type of texture. this is my weird habits, no matter it's a serum or eye cream or gel, as long as i feel good and enough, it doesn't really matter whether it is a eye cream or eye serum. so this one here does pretty good in moisturizing and firming as well.

(from left) Lancome blanc expert melanolyser brightness diffusing essence in lotion/
Loreal revitalift v-shaper/ Orlane vitality radiance antioxidant cream

after the most fragile part of the face, we then shall move onto the face. this is the essence in lotion from lancome. you may treat it as an extra step, but you can tell very obvious when you have added this step, your skin does improves a lot more. it helps a lot better penetration of skincare and promotes brighter and healthier skin as well. super good! then i do regularly use a serum, from loreal as well, a v-shaper, i need a slimmer face shape! no matter you have done botox or not, there's always a need to keep your skin firm enough to look lift-up and young. *u* last but not least, i use this cream from orlane for both day and night now. it just feels like blending a fresh pomegranate onto my face every time. it helps anti-oxidize, promotes brighter and healthier skin as well as super hydration as well. i would say it's more of a light weight texture, so if you are not like me, doing so many steps, this may feels a little too light for now as you have just switched from winter stuff to spring ones. it will be a perfect choice if you are those who use less in the summer.  

(from left)  Kabi organic bioactive face mask/ Deirdre custom made mask

whoever knows me well, learn that i love doing masks. here you go with 2 types of masks i will do in spring. the kabi one is more for detox and hydration, it's more like a soothing one where feels like a little spa for your pores and skin cells. whereas for the custom made mask from deirdre, this is the perfect one for whoever wants whitening, anti-acne, anti-break out, extra hydration, extra radiance, firming and what-so-ever good stuff on your skin. i used to have some break out on my forehead and sometimes unluckily on the face, this mask just did magic and helps to sooth those areas and take any marks and spots away.

hope this helps a little when you are stuck in beauty products selection when season changes. i have been using them since January and soon moving to others as some of them are almost finished. it should be about summer when the whole set changes again and i will surely share with my readers again. stay tuned and see you. :)  

Thursday, March 12, 2015

carriebloomwood takes london - peep out MAC's backstage

with no doubt, MAC is always one of the key makeup contributors for every fashion week around the world. lucky enough to peep out the backstage with my readers here, it was a wonderful experience visiting the backstage of the london fashion week. sharing with you Sass&Bide autumn winter 2015 show hosted on the very first day of the week. leading by one of the director of artistry for MAC, james molloy, this look is more of an eye-focused one. with a pair of sexy seductive kohl-rimmed eyes, natural and soft nude lips, going along with dark and stylish nail polish, this is the hottest cool chic look for the season. 

backstage there in london has not much huge difference with those in hong kong, but for shows around in the fancy city, it's such a total difference experience. they host shows around the area where it's most busy and easy to get along. bigger shows in the somerset house, smaller ones like fashion scouts in freemason hall at convent garden, this one here is special and hosted at the australian embassy. some brands, obviously with slightly higher budget, they host their shows in art galleries as well. unlike in hong kong, they got less rows of seats, but more area for standing. i am happy to have met a few famous bloggers and style icons in the shows there. it really feels lively and "you-are-in-it" when you are at the london fashion week. everyone is so well dressed. photographers are everywhere. they appreciate one and other and street snap people around. if you are into photography, there's definitely unlimited fancy and creative styles for you to shoot and admire. one thing i feel impressed the most is at the burburry show. it was located at the kensington garden. they build a huge area for the beautiful show, with live band playing and singing, stars and celebs are everywhere, many many fashion and celeb photographers are there as well. it feels totally different and i'm lucky to be invited. so well, i truly enjoy blogging now, offering me a new perspective to see how it's like out there. my next goal will be going to the milan or paris fashion week (valentino!!!), hopefully i can go again within these 2 years. alright, it's time to work hard! *u* ciao~