Monday, January 19, 2015

1 coat 2 ways, both with pink

photos by Tony

it looks funny to me when i see myself in 2 completely different hair color but in one same trench coat and similar outfit. yes, i made my hair back to normal now. it's an ashy brown which will fade out slowly into brown again, i wanna keep doing it ashy till it turns dark greyish and washes away all those reds and pinks from these 2 years' of pink and purple. 

lucky me to grab this lovely trench coat from REDValentino at the winter sale. it's 40%off from original. i haven't decided to get this when it first came out because it's a little not so carrie and it's a little pricy. haha* lucky that i can still get it when it's on sale. so to enjoy styling with this, i got some of my favorite pieces from this season to match with. both going along with some pink, in different tones. as to match with my ugly hair before it's pampered, i go for something warmer. those fleamadoanna lace shirt and skirt are from the last season. super happy to grab them in their sample sale online. sometimes shopping can be so much fun when you can get something in their best deal. i don't really care about the seasons, as long as it's a timeless piece, it's okay for me no matter it's from this year or last. some tips for sample sale shopping, make sure you have had one of their pieces before, so you will know clearly about the sizing. and bear in mind that for the samples, sometimes they are not looking completely new, (as they maybe used or by models for shootings), make sure you wash them once you got them. (just to be on the safe side).

for the second look with my better looking hair, i can't wait to put on my new goodies from roger vivier. oh my god, they are like my dream coming true, and made me going crazy and addicted and bought them once they come out online (even earlier than in store). this lovely lilac pink is irresistible at all!!! roger vivier is sometimes mature looking, so color and styling are both important when you wanna look young and cute in them. pink of course is one of the best choices, white and baby blue are both good for this spring. a tip to buy roger vivier, go to, they are the cheapest! my friend told me it's like almost the same price as if you are getting them from france. and for their shoes, they tend to be half size bigger than normal. i am a 38 and i often get their 37.5. but make sure you check clearly on the descriptions, mytheresa is so nice that they state everything super clearly. and i also got my big rockstud bracelet from valentino... oh my god. all pink is coming!!!

which look do you like better? :)

Saturday, January 03, 2015

go go goals!

coming to this very first blog post of the year, i have been thinking of what to write on and what to share, i want something a little more thoughtful and personal to share with my readers than just words about trends... so, here we go... go go goals!

if you know me a little deeper, you must have noticed i am kind of an aggressive girl who's a like workaholic and of course a pinkaholic. i am very happy and satisfied that i have published a makeup book, co-launched my skincare brand, set up my company, did the very first launch event for varrie and got my brand assistant, my casey dear. it's really been a fruitful 2014. so it's time to think of some targets and goals for 2015.

when i turned 18, i planned ahead in 5 years' time, and i went to LA for my makeup studies and tried different working modes and confirmed to stay in beauty industry. then when i turned 22, i decided to do part time studies and got my bachelor degree and targeted to go all the way up to my desired position in the ex-brand i worked for. and when i turned 26, i fulfilled all those targets and i moved to education and stayed till now. i strongly recommend all my friends to set goals in 3-5 years. it's motivative if you have a target! but if you wanna ask what's mine now, i am not quite sure. maybe i will want a healthier body, of course i'll continue on my hard work, i want to take my mum go traveling at least twice this year and i wanna go europe! all these start with a healthy body, so maybe less time for fancy editorial posts, (but for sure the less, the better quality and prettier pics), more time for lifestyle sharing.

just as this blog post, i am trying on something which i don't personally fancy. i never own one single leather biker, never. as i find my body shape not quite matchy with chic and stylish looks, i am always those girlie ones... but lucky me finding this lovely knitted dress from kookai, comfy and well fitted, it will be nice to match with something skinny and warm for the chilling winter, so i gotta try on a leather biker from salad and go with this chic ice bucket bag from kate spade. this look is good for girlfriends' date or a fancy weekend party. to stay girlie, sheer socks are always cute to go with high heels. what do you think? i look ok in leather? happy new year again and wish you've enjoyed reading my blog. stay tuned,  lovely! *3*

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

last day of 2014

time flies and it comes to the very last day of 2014. i'm still remembering the "re-appearance" of Tony in last winter and we decided to be back together after 11 years on the 1st of Jan. so it's not only everyone's last day of 2014, it's also the last day of the first year of our relationship. this is somehow like a miracle coming true out of a love story book. it's totally unexpected. after all the busy stuff in this christmas holiday, it's time to go check out a little first anniversary gift for him, what shall i get? do you have any idea? gosh... haha*

Thursday, December 25, 2014

merry christmas

happy to send out my first greetings as the director of carrie carries company limited. thanks everyone for all the love and care and support. i will definitely work harder and play harder in 2015. wish you all a merry christmas and happy new year. be lovely and beautiful with carriewears, and always "carrie" varrie for your luckiest everyday. 

with love,