Tuesday, September 30, 2014


look 1Le 16 Aout black dress and crystal bow headband / Steve Madden heels
look 2. Max&co. dress, necklace and headband / Steve Madden boots

i am so excited to share the fact that, Stephy, a best girlfriend of mine will be getting married in december and i'll be her maid of honor! it will be the second time in my life, the first time for my sister and this time for her. being a maid of honor or bridesmaid has to be very responsible and clear about the whole rundown and everything of cos. before sharing all these tips with you, i would wanna share some preparation tips for bridesmaid-to-be. i bet there are millions of articles sharing tips for brides, but never one for bridesmaid. so here you go... some beauty and dressing tips for bridesmaids. 

1. beauty sleep
of cos you have to have more than enough rest and sleep the day before to keep yourself awake and in the best and most positive mood for her big day. don't ever depend on coffee. as it will keep you awake but dehydrate your skin... and your makeup will go ugly. trust me! but of cos if you are a coffee-addict, it won't affect anything as you are very much used to it!

2. natural earth tone makeup
never go too heavy in your makeup. you will only need a little, don't over-do and draw too much attention. yet, keep your makeup nice and clean, look photogenic is all you'll need. i'll suggest some earthy brown eye shadows, with a very soft nude peachy blush. whereas for the lips, it's open for the bride's selection who chooses the theme and the look of your dress.

3. a powerful foundation
i bet you won't have too much time for touching up your makeup while you will have to take care of the flowers, the banquet, the bride, the bride groom, the parents, the relatives... so wearing a powerful foundation or makeup base is essential for your bridesmaid look. i recommend shu uemura light bulb foundation which i am using lately. it stays on well, covers well and lasts long. that's good enough as a good foundation. and for powder, i switch around from chanel to bareMinerals to annasui. if you prefer a matte look, or if you tend to have more shine, chanel is sheer where annasui's got a slightly higher coverage. and if you can go for a more dewy finish, bareMinerals mineral veil will be your best choice.  

4. comfy shoes
if you are a heels-addict and you can run and jump and dance on heels, definitely wearing heels is better. but if you can't, ballerinas and flats will be your best friend on her big day. i'm still looking for a pair of good-looking ones, will keep you all updated when i find them. haha* (if you tend to think your legs are not sexy looking when you are in flats, go for a maxi dress which will save you can looking ugly or fat in pictures, trust me!)

5. minimum accessories
although you will be looking pretty on her day also, you are actually one of the organizers, or helpers i would say in the wedding. dress in something you are easy to go around, wear minimum accessories will save you from being careless. i mean, not to over-do, not to loose any of them while the party goes too hyper and not to draw too much attention. again, you are not the one that night, just be looking "ok" nice and be happy and it's totally good enough. *u*

we just confirmed to wear something in nude or cream colors for all bridesmaids on her big day. and most likely, i'll be designing the dresses for all the girls. yea~* i'll surely share more when her big day is closer and you'll get to see how all lovely bridesmaids will be. see ya *3*

my little wish list... 
(from top left) shu uemura lightbulb foundation / Chanel natural finish loose powder / 

Friday, September 26, 2014

simple ways to dress up nice

look 1. BAUM UND PFERDGARTEN white shirt from ZTAMPZ / PORTS 1961 white skirt / 
ALEXANDER WANG pink pumps / CHAKREYA earrings 
look 3. SONO pink blouse from ZTAMPZ / PORTS 1961 black skirt / FABCCESSORIES earrings 
look 4. PORTS 1961 black blouse /SONO white shorts from ZTAMPZ / ALEXANDER WANG pink pumps / 

i'm always being asked, "what's your favorite fashion item? or style? or which season you like the best? and where did your inspirations come from??? ..." but honestly, i don't know. i don't really "follow" the trend, i just wear whatever i feel like wearing and be myself all the time! haha* there are always some golden rules in my different styles and let me share with you the simplest way to dress up nice. 

i like simple stuff, a single color with the right amount of accessories will rock your look. trust me! i never go too fancy with prints and patterns, i love textures. above i've demonstrated some key looks in my wardrobe, where i often dress this way whenever i don't know what to wear, or i have something formal to do, or somewhere fancy to go. heels are one of the key things you can invest on. i'm totally a shoe addict. i always believe a pair of nice heels can delight the total look and beautify you (as you are much taller on heels, legs looking longer and proportion looking so much nice.. haha*) and some big or medium-sized accessories are great too. go for something simple and easy like plain white shirt and a fluffy skirt, it's chic and elegant when you simply throw a pair of statement wedges and sparkly earrings in the look. or a little black dress is easy too. go with your favorite necklace and ankle boots like mine from valentino. i am happy to see magazines keep saying this is one of the must-haves and collectables in our wardrobe. it's comfy and looks cool with any other black classy outfits. 

and sometimes you can play with the texture to enhance your look. i always love pink. and i like to match all different textures with it. like the glossy black skirt i got from PORTS 1961 here. i like it's thick and bouncy and adds so much details to my look. and last but not least, black and white will never go wrong. a black satin top matching with the white demin shorts, you can go for a chic look in heels or a comfy relaxing touch in flats. so now, what do you think? it's simple and easy, isn't it? you can now imagine how my wardrobe is like in real, all filled with whites, pinks and a little bit of black.

hope you've enjoy reading my blog as always, and you see the big change of carriebloomwood.com is coming. great thanks to my photographer, maurice, he will be the key photographer shooting me for my blog from now on! wish you all like my pictures and i am looking forward to sharing more and more pretty pics with you all! so please stay tuned and see ya~*  

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

a little more for fall

laduree cream foundation compact / anna sui powder foundation / MAC liquid eyeliner / 
NARS pencil liner / anna sui lipstick

can you feel the autumn breeze? although it's still so warm and sunny, i can tell autumn is seriously coming after all those typhoon storm and rainy days. all the luminous flawless look is still on, yet, a little more is needed for fall. a little darker on the eyes, a little brighter on the lips and a little more fun in makeup are all you need for your fall makeup look.

super happy that laduree makeup has arrived in hong kong in summer. i'm using the creme moisturizing compact foundation, it offers just the perfect amount of coverage for my fall look, no concealers needed around my little dark circles with this lovely foundation. to set it for a more long lasting makeup, powder is definitely needed no matter it's in autumn or summer. this new anna sui foundation powder product has just came out when fall has started. it's easy and handy, coming with a fluffy brush in the beautiful container, you will just have to dip a little powder from the bottom case and it's all you need to have. how easy!

then moving on to the eyes, i always love to do a very outstanding eyeliner to extend the length of my comparatively small eyes. here i'm using MAC liquid liner for the outer corner and NARS pencil liner for the inner part. it's very long lasting and very deep in black, best for shootings or when you wanna do an eye focused look. last but not least, a little red lips makeup is also good when you are going out in a leather biker or in bright colors. this beautiful lipstick comes from anna sui, a shooting star like tube in the beautiful translucent case, it's actually a lovely accessory to carry around in your little purse for fall.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

i love you sunshine.

did everyone got enough rest on the typhoon signal 8 morning yesterday? or got too rush getting out of bed for work when it turned down to 3? i still remember when i was in school, i enjoy typhoon days, no school, no early waking up, stay home all day, watch tv all day. yet, i feel nothing like so now. maybe it's all about growing up. i will be turning 30 next year, i am grateful and blessed on what i've done so far. for these 29 years, i guess i never let my parents down. and i feel lucky that i am always on the right track. it's like always having a beam of warm and fresh sunshine, leading my way to my dreams and goals. back in the days when i first started this blog, i was running a little fashion boutique somewhere in causeway bay, selling korean and japanese young girls' kinda clothes. it was tiring, not easy and a little tough when it came to long working hours and lack of manpower to look after the shop. but it's really a precious experience for me as i get to feel how it's like for a dream to come true. who doesn't ever dream of owning their own shop, selling stuff they like and being the boss! my shop ran for almost 3 years. it made a balance, nothing much to lose but i did gained a lot. i gained "carriebloomwood".

alright, carriebloomwood has been around for coming up 4 years now. i am really happy and feeling blessed for so. as it gave me strength and energy and confidence to make all those i have now happened. varrie was borned last year when carriebloomwood got a signature in most friends and viewers' mind. and you know, it's the second fall winter now, so it's 1 year old all at a sudden!

i wear nothing from varrie on this blog post. these wonderful snaps are taken by bryant, the lovely young man who i met from being carriebloomwood. i specially picked these less formal but more street wear kind of style outfits for his photography as i feel like it's more matchy with his style. this is comfortable, warm and fun. just as what i always believe, doing the right thing at the right moment is simply perfect. so what next? stay tuned for varrie's fw2014 collection, "Lady Varrie", to come! i will launch a press event in one of varrie's stockists, daydream nation @K11 select in tst, on 24th september from 4pm to 8pm. check out more on my facebook fan pages and i'm looking forward to seeing you there very soon! yea~*

carriebloomwood facebook: www.facebook.com/cbbblog
varrie facebook: www.facebook.com/varrievarrie