Tuesday, May 26, 2015

i need some more space...box!

i bet every girl will come across the same problem whenever it's season change or when it's crazy sale time out there. yes! we often buy too much and we do not have enough space for everything to fit in our petite little wardrobe. i come across this problem always too. so... in order to store everything nice and tidy. i need some more space. 

thanks to Spacebox for coming up in hong kong. it's a one-stop service where you get to store your wardrobe easy and conveniently. simply log into their website and web app on mobile devices, then you will just have to order the boxes and they will deliver them right at your door. pack everything inside, take a snap to record what you've stored and they are ready to leave your home to their storage by their delivery man. and in case you'll need anything in those boxes, you can ring them in advanced and they will send the box back to you without any extra charges. this is definitely super friendly for girls like me who have loads of stuff to store, and it's easy to get things out whenever you need them. an extra tip for you, they even have some tall boxes so you can simply hang your coats or jackets without folding them, which helps keeping them in perfectly good shape. coats are often the most clumsy piece to store in my little wardrobe. you can see more about the storage tips on me and lolly's video in this link http://me.nextmedia.com/video?movideo_m=230044121071616&source=mob hope these little tips will help you in your fashion storage. have fun packing up! haha *u* 


Monday, May 18, 2015

casual tee time

look 1.  Haone top / Siwy jeans / Salad bag
look 2.  Haone top / Desigual shorts / Paul's boutique bag
look 3. E.vil top / Somf pencil skirt / Paul's boutique bag
all from Bauhaus

honestly, no matter how dressy or girlie or elegant your style is, you just can't avoid the fact that tee shirts are always our best friend. whenever i got no idea on what to wear, i will simply put on a tee and pick any skirt i have right in front of me and i'm then ready to go. it's just the simplest thing to go with. here i've demonstrated 3 different looks with a simple tee, let's see. 

a white one can never go wrong with anything, a pair of white jeans can be chic and clean, this is from Siwy, incredibly comfy pair of skinny jeans, they are best to show off your long legs. whereas for a black tee, you can always try on something sharp and vibrant. i have here with the desigual colorful floral print shorts and my pair of shocking pink heels, it's always fun to go with a pop of red on the clutch. this look is perfect for girlfriend's date or to a dinner party. last but not least, this is my favorite one,  a skinny tee with a pencil skirt are more for my girlie touch of style. this is actually one of my daily look as well. if you have loads on patterns on the skirt, simply go with a plain color bag and it's subtle enough for work but smart enough to stand out from the boring crowd. so what do you think, which is your favorite? let me know. *u*

Friday, May 08, 2015

"varrie" dolce&gabbana

hair by Willie Leung at alchemy boutique hair salon

all in varrie crop tops and signature series full skirts / chanel necklace / dolce&gabbana makeup

the trend of "lady in red" and sophisticated eyeliner never fade in any of the past and upcoming seasons. one of which the most signature and significant is definitely the dolce&gabbana look, from the past FW2014 to the next FW2015, they are still doing the royal elegant queen look with the sharp and delicate black eyeliner with the sexiest hot lips. if you have followed me on youtube, i have actually did a makeup tutorial on the look last winter as well. red lips will really pop when set against a flawless complexion, but the trick is to keep the look light and natural rather than cakey. to start with, a sheer radiance primer will definitely add glow to the look. even your complexion with a medium coverage foundation i'm using here will be more than enough for a soft and perfect look. give a touch of pink to your cheeks for a blushed feminine look. 

the eyes can be done in a minute when you are just doing the liner. or give a little of definition with some earth tone shades, simply brush some beige or brown to the contour to create depth to your eyes. use a bit of white to highlight the tear duct and you can draw your desirable eyeliner as long as you'd love to. i got requests from students from time to time, "i wanna learn your eye makeup". but come on, honestly, this is a personal look. everyone looks different in their own winged liner, and honestly it's not a hard thing, all depends how brave you are to create a longer and sharper line towards the end. practice makes perfect, do one everyday and you'll find your best eyeliner way. 

and to find the perfect shade of red if of course crucial to the look, no matter it's matt or glossy, retro or modern, diffused or solid, a bolt of red lipstick can always update your look instantly. there are tones of reds from rich blue-based shades to fiery orange-toned hues, there's always one that best suits you. i often find true red the easiest to suit everyone, and i myself like something more to burgundy and magenta, those reds just offer a more elegant and girlie touch to the lips. i seldom use a lip liner, but it's true that's a lot easier when you need to draw fuller or bigger lips. don't miss out your nail color to play with your red lips. i always find it more romantic when wearing red on both my lips and my nails. it's just more me. many thanks to dolce&gabbana for the amazing makeup i most enjoy playing with. i feel like being the queen varrie.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

all my signatures

hair by Willie Leung at alchemy boutique hair salon

all in varrie crop tops and signature series full skirts / valentino scarf, rockstud kitten heels and sandals / 
roger vivier flats / chanel necklace / dolce&gabbana makeup

there's always something you like most and feel best when you're in them. to me, my winged eyeliner, a little crop top, a simple full skirt and a pair of nice heels or flats work the best look on me. honestly, i am not a real skinny person, just that my shoulders are narrow and my arms are so far okay... so i look skinny. the best way to create a looking-good figure is to exaggerate the good parts and hide the worse ones. my lower waist is real fat honestly, so a high waist full skirt actually can do magic on me. it completely hides the widest part of my body.

this is the continuous summer collection i just launched for varrie. i named it the Varrie signature series. with those crop tops, small tees and full skirts up and coming, they are all my everyday wear. if you like what i wear daily, find yours in this collection. i am so in love with these images we took this time. great thanks to my photographer who got a very "carrie" touch in these pictures which made these pics being liked so much. so which is your favorite one?