Wednesday, November 26, 2014

hand in hand

(from left to right) Valentino rockstud leather bracelet / Chloe pearl golden ring / 
Marc by Marc Jacobs golden watch / Cruciani bracelets

work has been super busy lately. crazy schedule, overloaded workload, many surprises and sudden pop-ups... thanks god this man is always there to support and to "back-up". there's always not enough time to complete everything in a day, that makes me super annoying and emotional break down from time to time. and i am definitely those who needs to have more than enough sleep to get positive energy to get the day going on smoothly... anyway, to cheer myself up a little in the morning. i wear these on my wrist and go hand in hand to work with mr.tony. :)

i am not a heavy-accessorized person, but i still like to buy bracelets and rings all the time. the rockstud ones are my favorite lately. as you can surely tell i am a valentino addict. haha. golden watch always looks classy and elegant. this one from marc by marc jacobs looks fab in both casual and dressy outfits. i finally got my chloe ring fixed. (i broke it and the pearl comes off the ring.. it takes almost 3 weeks to be repaired. :( ) and these lovely skinny ones from cruciani are always cute when i put on a bunch of colorfuls one all together to match with my sweater or tee shirt.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

paper roses

remember the v-shape facial masks i introduced a while ago. it has been one of my favorites and now, lucky enough to be sponsored on their latest ones as well. as we aged, more girls are then tend to be more skincare-addicted. paper mask is one of the items that we all must have and will do all the time. with its instant result and visible effect, some superstars even do masks 3 times a day. this sounds a little too crazy, but if i do have so much time to do so, i guess i will do the same too. haha*

so here let me introduce to you regen cosmetics' new masks. they are as good as the previous ones. i like the fact that the texture of the paper masks fits and feels so well and it's very juicy with those nutritious serum inside the individual packs. it is the regen micro fibre sheet which is able to retain much more essence and fits any face perfectly just like an hydro gel maks compared to other felt masks. it also helps active ingredients effectively penetrate into deep within the skin. it's in very reasonable pricing and this will definitely be one of my choice for everyday, or for at least 2-3 times a week in my beauty routine.

1. Plastic Skin Solution Skin Sensitivity Suppression
i use this when the temperature suddenly drops like 5 to 10 degrees, skin is more sensitive when there's an instant change of the environment. this is a sensitive skin care functional cosmetics that soothes hypersensitive and irritated skin. This unique product helps prevent dehydrating and damaging from exteranl conditions. it contains Aloe vera leaf extract which is an excellent bisabolol, astringence and moisturizing effect. it also has Propolis extract which helps reducing skin irritation and can boost immune function.

2. Plastic Skin Solution Double-Effect Collagen Care
last but not least, ladies, not girls, will need this. this is the firming care functional cosmetics that rejuvenates the damaged skin. It also promotes natural collagen production for preventing wrinkles and has Acacia collagen which is a sort of protein that helps to improve moisture and elasticity of the skin. Water-soluble collagen also helps skin to be more elastic and hydrated. and last, there's Chamomile water which helps effectively soothe and plump the skin.

3. Plastic Skin Solution Real Whitening Effect
this is a whitening care functional cosmetics that delivers brightness and luminousity of translucent-looking skin. it has pearl extract which helps your skin to maintain moisture and brighten skin tone. it also has Vita Complex-10 which is the combination of 10 vitamins regenerates and tones damaged skins with their ample nutrients. this mask also boasts the remarkable whitening effect and prevents generating melanic pigment it can instantly promote even skintone, boost radiance on your skin, and make your skin look healthy and luminous.

4. Plastic Skin Solution Ultra Skin Moisturizing Care
this is specialized in moisturizing to rescue dehydration and dryness. with ingredients such as halophyte, olive leaf extract, hhyaluronic acid and macadamia oil, it helps balancing electrolyte and moisture and is intensely hydrated with nutrients. Nutrient and Vitamins in R&5 Complex make your skin look healthy and luminous. It is very effective to aging skin and also help hydrate dry and sensitive skin without irritaton.

5. Plastic Skin Solution Pore Minimizing Treatment
to refine the appearance of pores and make skin smoother and tighter like a baby, you will have to try this. this mask helps to prevent excess oil secretion with the camellia flower extract and calm and refine skin texture which witch hazel extract. It has an anti-oxidant effect and can treat pores by reducing the secretion of sebum and also has the unparalleled pore tightening action.

my best recommendation will be to use masks at least 2 times a week, best to use every night before going to bed. do masks on clean face after toner, for at most 20 minutes and you will have to take it off, massage the remaining serum on skin for a better penetration, and you must follow with your own regular skincare products like moisturizing before falling asleep. trust me that regen really does made some good masks as i have introduced above. i guess you can get them in their official website from korea or from watsons if you are in hong kong. for more beauty tips and information, stay tune with my blog, facebook fanpage and my youtube channel. i promised to do a video sharing on masks, and i will (just too busy lately so i haven't started filming yet...) so see you guys soon and have a beauty time with your paper mask now! *3*

Regen Medical Group:

Monday, November 17, 2014

classic need

i am pretty sure all of you must be thinking or imagining carrie must have a huge wardrobe and have plenty and plenty of clothes and in all different shades in pink, white and cream... but tell you what, my wardrobe is actually not that big i promise, and i tend not to buy a lot of clothes. honestly i don't get a lot of sponsors in clothes, i just wear them for my shootings and that's it. (come on.. i don't buy and return.. i just style and receive samples and shoot like any editors will do.) you may think it's a bit crazy in doing so.. but maybe it's just an interest of mine styling myself and do some nice pictures by maurice, and i am happy to look at them and share with you guys. will see when i have the mood to put all of them together, and maybe write the story of mine and do or publish something in the future. i don't know... will see. haha* 

but of course, for a shopaholic like me, i will still get a little crazy in investing into something for the season. here's the wishlist of mine for winter. i always tend to like classic things, something worth investing money into and can keep and use and use and use again for many many times. 

(from top left) 1. i got this valentino scarf in white and it's in wool instead of silk. scarf is your best friend when you have no idea on what to wear. you can simply throw it on anything plain and boring. 2. i am longing to get a carven collar now. this is just too cute. hope it's not running out. 3. i bought this Chloe ring in early october... unluckily i broke it and i am still waiting it to be repaired... omg* 4. this is the only sophia webster heels i wanted but still haven't decided to buy it or not. i truly like it but somehow it's a little bit off my style. will see* 5. my favorite lately, roger vivier heels. so happy to get them from mytheresa, so much cheaper than from boutique and it's in stock for my size. perfect! 6. i am waiting for this to come in stock again. ah... it's always running out so fast! damn it! 7. i got the hot pink one and feeling like getting one more in pale pink. loving the rockstuds from valentino too much. haha* 8. i want this chanel brooch! again.. it's just sold out. damn it! only the brooch is coming in the perfect size for this candy thing. the necklace and the bangle are too off balance to me... >.< 9.  great thanks to my dear friend to get a pair of this nude rockstuds flats from florence. super happy! again.. it's cheaper to get it in europe! hurray~* 10. i missed the chance to get this case in last season, so i am now waiting patiently for the next one to come. 11. last but not least, this lovely chloe drew bag is for sure my cup of tea. one thing i would love to share, the chain is so much better from the previous one. (i have an old one.. which the chain really hurts.) 

yea... is it too much shopping or just enough? that's the classic need... i think. haha*

Thursday, November 13, 2014

transitional beauty time

Jessica dress / Max&co. fur collar / Valentino heels / Lime Crime lipstick

wow! no more sleeveless and hot pants now! it's freezing every early morning when the lazy me needa get out of bed and get changed into cozy thick and warmy outfits.  i have talked a little on hair in my last couple posts, so let's go back to some beauty essentials i just tried lately and find perfect for the season like now. it's the transitional beauty time! let's go!


let's start with this exciting one! it's the latest new in for luxelab, the radiance polishing lotion which comes in a mist bottle. it's perfect as a toner and as a refreshing mist. it not only offers radiance like polishing your skin as its name, it also helps firming, soothing and instant lifting. one special tip for you all, do a nice misty layer right before you do any paper masks, it just helps to enhance the result of your mask a million times better! it's truly amazing. trust me! *u* next, we have a cream-serum. honestly, it works like any other anti-aging serums, but, its texture is just so silky which i can't help falling in love with it. serums normally penetrates really fast and you'll need to do creams right after. but for this one, it feels so comfy already when you use it alone. i guess in summer time, for normal to oily skin, this is good enough on itself too. it helps to repair the skin, stimulates the natural production of collagen and improves radiance. radiance is really important for healthy looking skin. 

for day moisturizer, here i got a weightless one from fresh. it offers supreme nourishment with a velvety whipped texture. fresh products are known for its natural and effective ingredients. this one here feels just perfect for this dry and chilling weather, offers complete protection for our skin. the beautiful gucci bottle one is the makeup prime they got in their newly launched makeup line. great pleasure to have met the international makeup artist of gucci, aaron smith henrikson, at the personal makeup service session. he is such a lovely person, very talkative nice and friendly. so happy to know he is from LA as well, where i used to go to makeup school there. he worked with pat mcgrath for years and he also did madonna's makeup from time to time. he told me he used to have pink and purple hair also, just that he is now representing gucci, so he's now very smart and elegant looking and full set of gucci suit. cool* this is the silk priming serum which does magic when preparing our complexion for a flawless makeup application. it smooths fine lines and offers instant hydration. skin is left feeling soft, supple and optimized for even foundation coverage.

and last but not least, this is the pudding as dessert for tonight. i'm not kidding! this is the loreal revitalift laser x3 night cream-mask. it looks like panna cotta! it really does! it works better than a night cream like a sleeping mask, yet offers not only hydration but also miracle like any highly effective facial treatments just like a beauty sleep effect. do you get what i mean here? if not, you should simply give it a try. and of cos, put these into your skincare-to-buy list if you are thinking of a transition on your beauty routine. enjoy pampering your skin! goodnight~*