Sunday, September 14, 2014

me by bryant

you will eventually find yourself getting to know a bunch of fashionable friends once you started blogging, and i also feel younger and younger ever since so. i met Bryant at a Viss event i guess 1 to 2 years ago. (can't really recall when it was, but for sure it's somewhere inside an industrial building in kwun tong...) Bryant is always chic and cool, he is young, but totally not "a kid" when it comes to his fashion taste and style. it's my greatest pleasure to be invited, to be shot by him for his newly started photography portfolio, you can see more of his works here: i feel like i am 18 or 21 again in his pictures. really happy to be shot by him and so cool to know such a talented young man through blogging. check out more about his style on his wonderful blog:

Saturday, September 13, 2014

my BB and CC

Feeling so much like my blog is going on a vacation when my updates go by slower and slower and I feel like lazier and lazier. Sorry for all these crazy excuses. I am just currently busy with Varrie on the up and coming fall collection. Looking forward to seeing all those final images and sharing the lookbook to all of you! can’t wait, isn’t it! Haha* I am now in a new “mode” for blogging. Wait and see, more and more beauty sharing will be posted here and more and more pretty pics to be shared on my styling and outfits as well. I just have a new thought after my 29th birthday, thinking to have a more well-organized blog and be more serious to all my sharing (not that I am not serious before, but I will be super serious now. Haha) 

While all my wonderful pictures are still in retouching process, more beauty tips and product reviews are to be shared now. This is the regen cosmetic products again. I am so happy that they sent me a huge bunch of stuff and I never get tired of using them. They are just so good. This is the ultra cover BB cream, comes in this lovely tube of 30ml with a pump on top, very easy to manage the correct amount to use for every time. It offers a natural clean skin appearance with the sunscreen protection of SPF46 PA+++, good enough for the hot sunny days like now. It takes care of the unbalanced skin tone and smooth skin appearance to a softer and smoother surface. The skin becomes brighter and healthier. I like the fact that it’s not sticky at all and covers as good as sheer foundation. So if you are going for a lightweight day makeup, this is perfect enough.

They also got this ultra toning CC cream. It has a brightly shining appearance with the toning color correction and sunscreen protection of SPF50 PA+++. It offers a bright and lively appearance to dull gloomy skin and improves moisture and glow of skin. I would suggest if you have fairly flawless skin, CC cream will be good enough for your daily light makeup. or if you do need some coverage, then go for the BB cream one.

Regen Medical Group:

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

"eye" do!

i can talk, you can talk and "eye" can talk toooooo! the most common thing your eyes gonna tell is your AGE! so can't you see how important eye care is??? i think, for the eye area, it's best to avoid anything to happen than wishing for any changes or improvement. i don't mean eye care products don't work, but it's always better to prevent it to happen than working so much harder back to solve the problems. i made a youtube video earlier to share with you my august favorites, and there's 2 eye care products i've mentioned. but honestly, i don't only use that little! haha... let's see my product review on these 4 goodies, the premier supreme eye care serum and eye cream, the lancome eye serum and the regen+ cos jelly eye mask. they are sponsored products, but trust me, i only share what i am really using and i like to use. for those sponsored ones i got which is no good or feeling weird on me, i never review on them. (or i will share how i dislike them so much...)

this is the lancome genifique yeux light-pearl eye illuminating youth activator. (such a long name... but it tells all that it works perfect.) it's the first lancome eye care which got that light-pearl trademark and comes with a massaging applicator that amplifies formula perceived efficacy. you can check my video on how that works. it feels icy when you massage it on your eye area, i love the fact that it does help lifting a little on my terrible eye bags and it's so weightless that you can layer other eye care on top without any greasy touch. i use it at night only, as it doesn't work well with makeup i guess, unless you massage it a little longer with fingers after. it takes a little while for it to penetrate, (but you'll never have enough time for your skincare and makeup when it's the crazy rushing mornings to work.)

then this is the premier supreme skin minerals eye care and eye infusion. i always thought the brand, premier, is more for mature skin... but one thing i must share with you is that, you will definitely feel an instant decline of your skin health and texture once you reach 25. and it'll be too late if you start using anti-aging products when your skin is aged. so, it's time for you to start when you are turning 25 soon, or try out these wonderful products when you are grownup like me. (i'm 29, ok? not young! so trust me, you have to start as soon as you can.)

this is the eye infusion. omg* i'm sure you'll love it once you tried it. it's a very soft and silky serum-like texture for rejuvenating and conditioning the delicate eye area for a smoother and more supple appearance. it feels like smoothing out all your little fine lines and leave a visibly healthier, younger and smoother look. i use this in the morning (as i use that one of lancome at night.) and it enhances my under eye concealing as well. it's not as dry or thick looking as before when you put concealers on.

you need an eye cream every day and night. you can skip an eye serum but never skip an eye cream. this is the premier supreme skin minerals eye care. i like it as it feels light and refreshing, yet, not greasy or thick or anything discomfort for this kind of luxury eye care. i wonder if you have checked out my facebook earlier in the summer, i did a giveaway for this eye cream and all of my fans love it. if you are the lucky one who got this, tell me if you feel the same. it's conditioning and rejuvenating like the eye infusion and also nourishes and conditions the delicate eye area for a smoother and more supple appearance. it transforms the eye contour for a visibly healthier, smoother and more luminous look and feel.


and last but not least, that's the regen+ cos premium gold eye & spot patch. it's a box of 30 sets of patches. you can stick it onto anywhere around your eye area, like onto my terrible eyebags and on the forehead or between the brows. it encourages hydration, smooths fine lines and reduces dark circles. it has real gold 0.0003% in it so works best for anti-aging as well. i like how it sticks well to the skin, so you can actually move around at home while you are enjoying your eye mask. stick it onto your eye area for 20-30 minutes, you can definitely feel how well it penetrates and gets melted into your skin. it becomes thinner when you're done. you can also melt the used patched in warm water and use for face wash or body treatment.

so these are my currently using eye care products, stay tune for more beauty products sharing and outfit styling coming up very soon. see you and good luck! muah *3*

Friday, August 29, 2014

all time favorite V facial line plus extra care

Feeling like the luckiest of all when I got invited and sponsored by Regen Cosmetic for their wonderful products that can definitely offer super effective and efficient results. There are loads of facial masks and BB cream and CC cream and body mask. The first product I would like to review on will be the 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask. It’s amazing how they categorize the masks into these 5 skin concerns: Wrinkle care, Whitening care, Pore care, Moisturizing care and Nutrition care. So it’s a deep enhancement while you can lift and firm your jawline for the best V facial line we all longed for. Of course I’ll have to try out all of them before sharing to my beloved readers. so here you go with my detailed and “scary” bare face review.


They all come in a box of 5 packs. Each pack got an upper mask and a lower mask. Upper mask for the extra care, lower mask for the V facial line. The lower mask’s core halophyte component can be found in waters of high salinity. The halophyte component control moist balance and also improves the facial line to become more define and clear through osmotic pressure. The lower earing type mask, which contains gelatine components, will help in the improvement of skin elasticity and absorption of the halophyte components. I would say it’s the most effective instant lifting product I’ve ever tried. For girls who do really concern on the puffiness of the face contour (and scared of botox or any injection), you must go for this.

Wrinkle care (the pink packaging one)
The upper mask's essence, which contains wrinkle-care proven adenosine components, enhances skin elasticity. Also, the olive leave extracted components diffuses nutrition deep into the skin. One will be able to enjoy reducement of wrinkles combined with a bouncy looking appearance. It feels a little plumper on the cheeks which works pretty well for firming.  


Moisturizing care (the tiffany blue packaging one)
The upper mask essence, containing natural moisture molecule hyaluronic acid components, streghthens the skin barrier. Also, with the extracted portulaca components, you will be able to enjoy a soft and moist retained skin tone appearance. Skin feels hydrates and refreshed, I guess this is generally good for everyone.

Nutrition care (the yellow packaging one)
The upper mask essense, containing excaragots high mucus nutritions streghthens the outer skin layers while protecting the skin from the exterior environment. You will be able to maintain a strong and nutrition filled, healthy skin type. I love this the most. It has snail essence in it. Skin feels very nourished, and it's very obvious that my skin is more refreshed and hydrated in the next morning. 

Whitening care (the grey packaging one)
The upper mask's niacinamide component prevents melanin pigment's skin infiltration and surpresses freckle formation. One will be able to enjoy a bright crystal looking skin appearance.

Pore care (the green packaging one)
The upper mask, which contains essense extracted from the calendula flower, controls excessive sebum and prevents the skin of not being too oily. The glacial mineral water components helps with the moisture retention within the skin, and one will be able to enjoy a smooth and shining skin appearance.

I am actually quite surprised that this look of Paris Hilton has drawn my attention twice. The first time was when I’m looking at my favorite Korean fashion brand, fleamadonna, I find out she’s wearing the exactly same top I got from last season. And the second time happened when I check and research online about Regen Cosmetic and find out this 2 Step Mask Pack was introduced by her as her secret beauty method on TV for ‘True Live Show’.


She said Regen Cosmetic’s 2 Step Mask Pack is her favored item, especially to ease the dryness when she has to go through long air flights. The product’s specialty is not only functions of extreme moist provision to the skin, but also, the mask pack is composed of an upper and lower sheet. The MCs of the ‘True Live Show’ were fascinated and surprised at the Regen mask product. They are so amazed and immediately tried the lower mask on. Much interest was given to the mask sheet which enables users to make a V-line facial appearance. Celebrities have already been spotted using the Regen 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask Pack, also known as the ‘V-line Mask Pack’, on other programs in the past. It’s really powerful when the mask is not just popular in Asia, but well known internationally. Alright, so it’s time for me to pamper myself and enjoy mine now. Check out their website to know more. Goodnight~*

Regen Medical Group: