Friday, August 22, 2014

is your scalp healthy?

greatest thanks to BRUNEBLONDE, hong kong's first parisian themed hair salon, for inviting me to experience their new scalp treatment, shampoo and blow dry and nail service with compliments from co-founders Roland Boutin and David Gouygou. it's located at the grand hyatt hong kong, the salon provides a higher level of service that is expected in an intimate setting infused with parisian charm.

settling down in their VIP room, me and Twee are so excited and looking forward to experiencing the comfort and pleasure of the scalp treatments. Roland explained to us that the La Phyto turquoise clay chrono treatment contains active ingredients which boosts blood and lymphatic circulation, and has astringent effects. in the heat of the summer, it is important to nourish the scalp with a deep cleansing treatment to regulate hair health.

after the diagnosis, my hairdresser attend to balance and treat my hair with the appropriate scalp clay. it's turquoise in color, brushed all along my hair line into the scalp. it improves clearing blockages to follicles in order to create a healthy root and scalp. suggested to be used every 2-3 weeks, treatment process about 15 minutes. she said my hair is a little oily in the center, and with this treatment, this will surely be refreshed and purified.

BRUNEBLONDE provides nail service as well. thanks to my manicurist, Shirley, for polishing my nails in the happiest summer candy colors. she loves my nails so much, saying mine are all in a very nice nail shape. thank you. *u*

so after all these amazing hair treatment, shampoo and blow dry magic on my hair, i look refreshed and hair looks silky and smooth. look how bad it is before because of the humid rainy weather and a bad hair styler (that's me) haha* so i bet all you will do facial treatments on a weekly or monthly basis, now it's time for your hair as well.

look at Twee and me! pretty hair for both of us. >u< it's truly comfy and stylish on the presentation and service by BRUNEBLONDE. check out their website or visit them at mezz floor, grand hyatt hong kong, 1 harbour road, wanchai, hong kong (tel:25113988) for more info.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


can't wait to sneak peep the latest varrie FW2014 collection with my readers. this is one of those warm fluffy ones i designed for the "warm winter" in hong kong. this is to be launched in later this year. and i am truly thankful to my dearest accessories designer friend, susan, from ms.chic, collaborating with me for the coming season and made me these fabulous accessories. i am still preparing the whole collection for lookbook shooting and i'll organize a little event for this collection, trust me! can't wait to show you all, it's so exciting!!! to support varrie, don't miss the season-end sale for SS2014 collection on thanks all and muahhhhhhhh*

Sophia Webster heels

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

artistic Shanghai

last but not least, we went visiting a couple artistic spots in Shanghai in these 4 days. this is the M50. feeling like a petite version of 798 in Beijing. A number of Shanghai artists open their showrooms and studios there. You can visit galleries or maybe enjoy a coffee there.

this is 1933. it's a renewed butchery building. a number of artists and designers open their studio there. we find that place from the tourist guide book. and well... nothing much to see. if you have too much time for your trip, you can spend a tea time there maybe, if not, let's wait longer maybe till next year to see more stuff opened there.

and this is one of the must go tourist spot,  tianzifang. just another cultural shopping spot i would say. the one special thing we did there, we sent our families a postcard there. and mr.Tony sent me one to be received next august. will see what he wrote then. hahaha *u* it's overall a very happy trip to Shanghai for my birthday. weather is perfect, although it rained a little, it kept those days cooler from the crazy summer heat. it's time to wrap up and get back the mood for work... ah... the semester is coming. looking forward to sharing more fun moments with you all here. stay tuned! muahhhhhh*

Monday, August 18, 2014

a sacred place in the busy Shanghai

this is where we went to after the beautiful lunch at la petite fontaine. at the very busy center of the city, there is the sacred place and all luxury malls and designers' label nearby. i made a wish to bless all my families the best of luck and health, and i feel lucky and satisfied with all that i've got and gone so far. wish me luck for my next goal of the year in 2015, haha... for sure i will tell you all if i can make it. but i gonna keep it a secret for now. *x*

my birthday outfit *u*
RedValentino bow bag
Maud Frizon ballerina

that was on another day, but i would like to share with all of you as well. that's a thai resturant we went to the night before. it doesn't look like we were in Shanghai, it's like we're in bangkok or bali or somewhere like a resort. it's at the middle of the jingan park right opposite to the temple. i heard that it's owned by some hong kong rich men, and it's really popular there. my friend said it's difficult to get a table there without early reservation, haha, lucky us got a chance to go there. food is good and service is excellent too. if you ever miss thai food in Shanghai, try this out.