Friday, April 18, 2014

3 ways Orange Bitten Lips 夏日咬唇妝 +giveaway

girls tend to be attracted by korean KPOP more than the european high end fashion styles now... can't help to do a bitten lip makueup here. with the hottest lip color, orange, for the season, i gonna do a softer everyday look with an orange bitten lip in my makeup video. those 3 ways are actually working in a pretty much same effect, you can mix and match with your lipsticks to create your own bitten lip look. 

read more to check out the giveaway for 10 of you with 2 eyeshadow pens and 2 eyeshadows by max factor!

眼見韓風大大影響著本來熱愛歐美大牌的香港女生,忍不住也要來一個韓妹大熱的咬唇妝吧!今季鮮橙色是天橋上的皇道,那就不如來一個自然版本,大家anytime anywhere 都能用上的夏日粉橙色咬唇妝。基本上三個方法原理都大同小異,所以只需要運用自己喜歡的唇膏和其他產品一起使用,就能夠做出屬於你自己的迷人咬唇妝了!

這次特別準備了10份禮物送給大家!有機會得到max factor送出的 2支眼影筆 和 2個眼影。

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

AVEDA dry remedy daily moisturizing oil

right! this is the Aveda dry remedy daily moisturisizing oil. i bet i am most suitable to share this with all of you here. as you all know, my hair has been pink for quite a while. it has been pink, purple. blue, then purple again and pink again and again and over again. hopefully i don't get too serious hair loss from coloring and for the best of luck that my comb can go through my hair, a leave-in treatment for colored hair is always a must-have. this is a leave-in treatment, just apply 2 - 4 drops to hands and work through damp or dry hair from mid-lengths to ends. it instantly moisturizes dry hair and ends with a formula featuring naturally derived buriti oil, leaving hair oft and full of shine. as to keep my pink to stay a little longer, i wash my hair once 2 days. so i just apply this every time after shower, leaving my hair damp with a towel and work this through, and then blowdry. it helps to prevent my hair to look awful from me using the curling iron almost everyday. so remember~ if you've ever dyed or bleached or permed your hair, this is what you'll need!

是的,這次要介紹的是AVEDA的dry remedy daily moisturizing oil。我來介紹應該最適合不過。大家都知道我染了粉紅頭好一陣子了,這把頭髮經過了粉紅,紫色,藍色,再紫色,再來粉紅。。。筆下都染了好多次了!要保持頭髮沒有一束一束的掉下來,還要保持梳子能梳得下,護髮油一定少不了!這是AVEDA的leave-in treatment,使用方法非常簡單。拿2-4滴護髮油於手上,從頭髮中段至髮尾輕輕抹上去,乾或濕的情況下也行。它有助即時的修護和滋養,給予頭髮自然光澤和柔軟感。由於我希望保持頭髮顏色長時間一些,我是隔天洗頭的。那我就每次洗頭以後,用毛巾弄乾了之後,薄薄塗一塗才吹頭的。這樣我的頭髮就不會看起來那麼乾燥,還有每天用電熱棒弄頭髮的時候也不會那麼傷害了!記住咯~ 有漂染過就一定要用了!

product is sponsored by Aveda.

Monday, April 14, 2014

LANCOME Effortless Chic

imagine~ if there's one foundation which offers whitening skincare factors, all day sunscreen protection and with nice coverage... isn't it an ideal product? i'm very excited to share with you my very good experience in trying out the latest makeup products by LANCOME.


Friday, April 11, 2014

blossom girl

photos by Chris Tong (Chocolate TongTong Studio)

after all the crazy weather... we are finally welcoming the warmest spring. it's blossoming everywhere. so are you ready to go out to the sun and breathe the fresh-y air? if you haven't go too crazy and ate too much in winter time (hopefully not), it's time to show your skinny waist again! crop tops are on the way~*

黑雨、落雹、忽冷忽熱的天氣要過去了。。。迎接一天最高氣溫可達30度的春天,漫天紅花都正好在盛放了!準備好好心情跟好天氣去戶外呼吸新鮮空氣嗎?這個冬天如沒有放肆吃太多,又可以再show小蠻腰了!這次找來春夏必備的好幾款crop top跟大家一起準備迎接夏日,你準備好了嗎?(^O^☆♪

Thursday, April 10, 2014

bareMinerals illuminating WHITE and BRIGHT

the weather went crazy lately, sometimes sunny and sometimes rainy. yet, i still see quite a number of them on facebook going hiking, doing all sorts of outdoor activities. i guess they love getting tanned somehow, but i am pretty sure for those who loves my blog, should be very aware of getting tanned or having spots from UV. so here you go, i got something nice to share with you!